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Delta Capital Partners Management Launches Delta Managed Solutions

May 24, 2021, Chicago, IL –

Delta Capital Partners Management LLC, a global private equity firm specializing in litigation and legal finance, is pleased to announce the launch of a new venture, Delta Managed Solutions (“DMS”). DMS will provide funding and certain types of assistance to funded parties.

Such assistance typically includes one or more of the following:

  • identification, selection, and negotiation of terms with respect to lawyers and/or other service providers;
  • oversight of certain aspects of a project, such as an investigation or asset tracing;
  • coordination of counsel and service providers;
  • development of sophisticated claims management or recovery plans;
  • overall management of the project; and/or
  • aid with settlement strategy and negotiations.

Such assistance is usually provided on a no-fee basis by Delta and is yet another example of the value provided by Delta to funded parties.

Bespoke arrangements offered through DMS unlock value for claimants without subjecting them to additional costs or financial risk. Additionally, it allows Delta to design and implement aggressive, results-oriented strategies to resolve legal claims by coordinating best-in-class law firms and other service providers. DMS services have been well-received by businesses, investment funds, and financial institutions seeking creative solutions to help them best manage their litigation, arbitration, and recovery costs.

Christopher DeLise, Delta’s Founder, CEO and CO-CIO, stated, “Delta’s expertise with litigation projects and our team of established professionals enables Delta Managed Solutions to offer bespoke services to claimants that seek to alleviate the burden that litigation can cause, shift financial risk, and free up existing cash flows. The breadth and depth of knowledge that Delta’s team possesses in a wide-variety of case types, such as asset recovery and intellectual property litigation, enables the firm to provide attractive managed solutions across many cases. We are pleased to be able to offer these value-added services as we believe such solutions will greatly benefit funded parties and further expand the depth and breadth of services available in the litigation finance market. Delta is very proud to be a pioneer in offering such solutions.”

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