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Types of Solutions Offered

Delta’s years of providing litigation finance products has led to the development of multiple Delta solutions, each of which offer a suite of litigation finance products that are specifically designed for the evolving needs of different claimants.

Through its business divisions, Delta is able to offer claimants the litigation finance products that best fit their unique needs, leverage Delta’s experience and expertise, and continue providing bespoke financing solutions all over the world.

Our Solutions

What Delta Offers

Delta Equity Solutions provides equity-oriented litigation finance products to enable claimants to pursue cases they may otherwise be unable to unwilling to pursue if they had to self-fund.

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Delta offers an array of litigation finance credit solutions through its Delta Credit Solutions division to provide companies, law firms, and individuals with a source of working capital.

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Delta has partnered with insurance professionals to develop a comprehensive suite of products designed to meet the needs of defendants through its Delta Defense Solutions division.

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Delta Managed Solutions involves Delta providing funding and assistance in the management of litigation or arbitration.

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Delta offers governments bespoke financing solutions through its Delta Government Solutions division.

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Delta offers governments, enterprises, institutions, and companies contract review, analysis, and rationalization services, as well as the pursuit of claims resulting therefrom, through its Delta Contract Solutions division.

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