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Delta Capital Partners Management Launches Delta Defense Solutions

May 17, 2021, Chicago, IL –

Delta Capital Partners Management LLC, a global private equity firm specializing in litigation and legal finance, is pleased to announce the launch of a new venture, Delta Defense Solutions (“DDS”).

DDS offers defendants and respondents funding to pay the legal costs associated with their defense, including professional fees, experts, tribunal costs, and the cost of any utilized risk mitigation solutions. Much like a typical plaintiff-side litigation funding arrangement, Delta typically provides DDS solutions on a non-recourse basis such that if the defendant loses then it is not obligated repay Delta its capital investment.

There are many ways that defense solutions can be structured, and each solution offered through DDS is unique and highly customized. Defense solutions are quite versatile and can be used by a range of defendants and respondents, including those in cost-shifting jurisdictions and whether involving court-based litigation or arbitration.

Defendants benefit from DDS by obtaining funding and gaining access to risk mitigation solutions that otherwise may be very difficult and/or costly to obtain, including customized insurance solutions and structured financial products offered through Delta’s venture partners. Additionally, if a party is involved in multiple pieces of litigation (whether as a defendant, respondent, or plaintiff), then DDS offers portfolio financing solutions that provide more favorable terms compared to individual case funding arrangements for defendants or plaintiffs.

Christopher DeLise, Delta’s Founder, CEO, and CO-CIO, stated, “Delta’s years of experience and success with offering litigation funding solutions for plaintiffs has enabled Delta to develop proprietary solutions for defendants and respondents. By partnering with top-tier insurance and structured finance professionals, Delta is pleased to be able to offer bespoke, comprehensive, cutting-edge defense solutions across the globe. As the market continues to evolve, we believe defense-oriented legal finance solutions will become very popular and we are proud to be the first in the industry to offer a comprehensive set of funding and risk mitigation solutions for defendants and respondents.”

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