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Delta Managed Solutions

Delta Managed Solutions (“DMS”) involves Delta providing a complete solution that involves both (a) the provision of capital to fund litigation or arbitration, enforcement of judgments or awards, or recovery of assets that have been stolen, are missing, or which serve as collateral for a non-performing loan or other obligation; and (b) some level of assistance to the funded party. In exchange, Delta receives either a percentage of the fair market value of any assets obtained through enforcement or recovery; or a judgment or award rendered in favor of the funded party.

Assistance provided by Delta under DMS usually involves the following: identification, selection, and/or negotiation of terms with respect to lawyers or other service providers for the funded party; oversight of certain aspects of a project, such as an investigation or asset tracing firm assisting the funded party; overall management of the project on behalf of the funded party, including attorneys; and/or purchase of a claim, judgment, or award from the claimant for Delta’s own portfolio.

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