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Types of Claims Funded

Delta provides bespoke financial solutions to law firms and other professional service firms, businesses, insolvency estates, private investment funds, and government agencies to enable them to investigate claims, pursue litigation or arbitration, recover assets, enforce judgments or awards, borrow money for operations or other purposes, and/or more effectively manage their risks, cash flow, and capital expenditures so they can focus on their core business.

Delta is not constrained from providing funding in any jurisdiction, and has funded cases in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Delta remains privately-held and funded by private capital (not debt) and, therefore, continually invests in the long-term success of its business for the benefit of claimants, and has the ability to create flexible bespoke financial solutions for its funding clients.

Our Services

What Delta Funds

Delta provides funding to claimants, law firms, and other professional service firms to enable investigation, analysis and pursuit of all manner of commercial claims, whether adjudicated through courts, arbitration panels, or other adjudicatory bodies.

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Delta offers capital facilities to alleviate the unpredictability of monetizations from alternative fee portfolios. Firms may either seek to monetize their alternative fee portfolios, through Monetization Facilities, or they may seek to build a standing funding arrangement for future engagements, through Standby Facilities.

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Delta enables private equity and other private investment firms to unlock value (i.e., IRR) embedded in their firms and the investment funds they manage through a variety of customized financial solutions.

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Delta provides funding and related services to recover assets, relics, and artifacts that have been stolen or misappropriated, or which have gone missing. Clients may include municipal agencies, sovereign governments, financial institutions, investment funds, corporations, and families.

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Delta provides funding and assists claimants who have already obtained judgments or awards. Delta has built a reputation for being a world-class expert on the enforcement of judgments and awards obtained by others.

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Delta provides funding and related services to lenders, central banks, governmental agencies, and other holders of NPLs to (a) fund recovery and/or restructuring efforts inside or outside of their home jurisdictions; and/or (b) pursue litigation or arbitration to recover loan proceeds and/or collateral or otherwise pursue claims against borrowers and/or guarantors.

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Delta provides loans secured only (or primarily) by litigation or arbitration claims, judgments and awards, or estimated asset recovery proceeds. In providing capital for such purposes, Delta combines the credit underwriting process, capacity, and cost of capital of a traditional lender, with the flexibility and due-diligence expertise of a litigation funder to deliver optimum, customized financing solutions.

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Delta offers funding to insolvency practitioners to help finance the pursuit of legal claims of an insolvent entity. Such practitioners are able to use financing to fund their own fees as well as third-party costs in connection with the pursuit of legal claims of the insolvent entity.

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Delta’s value-added service offerings provide significant benefits to claimants and law firms

Delta performs an in-depth analysis of the legal merits as well as all other significant, non-legal aspects of each claim to help determine the best legal strategy and route to prompt, favorable resolution for the claimant.

Delta maintains deep relationships with top-tier lawyers around the world, preeminent investigators, and forensic accountants and the ability to most effectively structure and negotiate favorable terms for claimants.

Delta minimizes claimant reputational exposure and risk by maximizing claimant privacy in order to preserve their anonymity to prevent disrupting their existing business relationships.

When requested by claimants and as permitted by applicable law, Delta can assist in the management of claims, enforcement, and related legal proceedings, as well as facilitating or assisting in negotiating settlements with defendants.

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