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What We Do

Delta’s global team of professionals provide a unique style of value-added, non-recourse financing that includes significant benefits to claimants including customized solutions that maximize claimant recoveries in minimum time, deep relationships with top-tier professional service firms, and assistance in the management of cases when permitted by applicable laws.

at a Glance

Delta provides bespoke financial solutions to law firms and other professional service firms, businesses, insolvency estates, private investment funds, and government agencies to enable them to investigate claims, pursue litigation or arbitration, recover assets, enforce judgments or awards, borrow money for operations or other purposes, and/or more effectively manage their risks, cash flow, and capital expenditures so they can focus on their core business.

Delta offers bespoke financing solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of claimants in a variety of industries, geographies, and sectors. Unlike many of its competitors, Delta can fund all types of commercial claims virtually anywhere in the world and is not constrained from funding cases against sovereigns or governmental agencies, financial institutions and investment funds, or Global 1000 corporations.

Delta provides more than traditional litigation finance funding and has positioned itself as a financial solutions provider to claimants, law firms, professional service firms, and businesses having legal claims.

Since its inception, Delta’s team has funded cases from around the globe, across multiple jurisdictions and all case types.

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