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Liquidity Solutions

Recent macroeconomic events and the ongoing disruption caused by COVID-19 have had material impacts on the global economy that will be felt for years to come.  As a result, ensuring liquidity has become a top priority for nearly all businesses to meet their daily operational expenses.  However, the availability of liquidity from traditional sources is becoming increasingly scarce as they will soon be unable or unwilling to extend credit.  To address the anticipated shortfall from these traditional sources and meet the growing demand, Delta has significantly expanded its credit-oriented product offerings to law firms, private investment funds, businesses and individual claimants.

As Delta’s core business is the pricing of litigation, enforcement and recovery risks, Delta is able to provide liquidity solutions to such parties based upon their litigation or arbitration claims, judgments, awards, alternative fee arrangements (i.e., contingency or performance fee-based), outstanding accounts receivables or work-in-process, or a combination thereof. Delta is able to provide such solutions through a variety of bespoke arrangements to meet the needs of such parties, including litigation-collateralized loans, capital facilities, and term loans.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Litigation-Collateralized Loans are non-recourse loans to claimants secured only by the underlying claim(s).
  • Capital facilities are drawn upon by law firms and other professional service firms, secured by alternative fee-based cases or offered as standby facilities.
  • Term Loans are recourse lending arrangements for professional service firms and businesses, and include those secured by accounts receivable factoring, work-in-process, tangible or intangible assets, and/or other enhancements.
  • Law Firms and Other Professional Service Firms
  • Private Investment Funds
  • Businesses
  • Individual Claimants

Yes, the legal claims must be commercial in nature and be filed in U.S. or Commonwealth jurisdictions.

Upon completing initial intake, Delta typically issues Term Sheet Proposals within 5 days and provides funding within 30 days.

18 to 24 months. However, those utilizing litigation-collateralized loans are not required to repay the loan unless and until the claims serving as collateral therefor are successfully resolved.

No, but the borrower must ensure that the claims in the collateral pool are adequately funded through final resolution.

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