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Investment Criteria

Delta offers bespoke financing solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of claimants in a variety of industries, geographies, and sectors. Unlike many of its competitors, Delta can fund all types of commercial claims virtually anywhere in the world and is not constrained from funding cases against sovereigns or governmental agencies, financial institutions and investment funds, or Global 1000 corporations.

Delta has a flexible approach to funding and providing solutions rather than obstacles to funding.  While Delta does not have many absolute rules with respect to what it will or will not consider funding, provided below is the list of guidelines to guide claimants.

Funding Criteria

Delta’s Guidelines for Investment

Type and Sector

Delta can fund any type of commercial litigation or arbitration (including international and multi-jurisdictional), judgment or award enforcement, and investigation or asset recovery project, wherever located. Delta also provides litigation-collateralized loans, can purchase claims, judgments, and awards for its own book, and offers a variety of funding solutions directly to law firms and other professional service firms. Delta never funds personal injury or medical malpractice cases, and typically does not fund class action, toxic or mass tort cases absent extenuating circumstances.


Areas and industries where Delta has deep expertise include finance and investments; corporate, M&A and securities; construction and infrastructure; mining and energy; international arbitration; and all manner of judgment and award enforcements.


Delta has no geographic restrictions as Delta has funded cases on virtually every continent and in every major marketplace.

Financing Amount

Delta typically targets opportunities with a minimum investment amount of $5 million.


Delta prefers to fund opportunities that are expected to yield at least $50 million of gross proceeds for the claimant being funded.

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