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Delta Defense Solutions

Delta’s many years of experience and success offering traditional equity-based litigation funding solutions to claimants and law firms has enabled Delta to partner with best-in-class insurance professionals to develop the litigation finance industry’s first fully-integrated, comprehensive suite of products designed to meet the needs of defendants through its Delta Defense Solutions (“DDS”) division.

DDS offers defendants (a) funding to pay the legal costs associated with defense, including professional fees, experts and court costs, and insurance (collectively “Cost-of-Defense Funding”); and (b) bespoke risk mitigation solutions for defendants, including contingency loss insurance, offered through top-tier insurance companies and brokers with which Delta has partnered.

Delta typically provides such offerings on a non-recourse basis such that if the defendant does not prevail in the underlying litigation then it is not obligated to pay Delta any consideration. In exchange for providing Cost-of-Defense Funding, financing insurance premiums, and/or bespoke risk-mitigation products, Delta receives an agreed upon (a) interest rate per annum; and/or (b) percentage of economic upside that the defendant may experience as a result of a favorable outcome.

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