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Delta Contract Solutions

Delta Contract Solutions (“DKS”) was created to provide sovereign and municipal governments, state-owned enterprises, financial institutions, and private companies (collectively, “Delta Clients”) with contract review, analysis, and rationalization services on a fully-funded basis. Through DKS, Delta’s internal team and external experts review material contracts to which Delta Clients are a party and conduct Contract Rationalization, which determines (a) whether the contracts were negotiated and entered into on an arm’s-length basis, (b) if there was any corruption involved with respect to the bidding, negotiating, or contracting process, and (c) whether the counterparty to such contracts satisfactorily performed all of their obligations under the agreement.

The Contract Rationalization process determines if the contract holder could be entitled to seek specific performance and/or economic damage claims against the counterparty. Once the Contract Rationalization process is complete, Delta and the Delta Client determine whether and how best to pursue identified claims against the counterparty. Typically, Contract Rationalization and the pursuit of legal claims resulting therefrom is fully funded by Delta on a purely success fee basis.

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