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Delta Capital Partners Management Launches Delta Credit Solutions

April 26, 2021, Chicago, IL –

Delta Capital Partners Management LLC, a global private equity firm specializing in litigation and legal finance, is pleased to announce the launch of a new venture, Delta Credit Solutions (“DCS”). DCS will offer an array of litigation finance credit solutions that satisfy the needs of claimants, respondents, law firms and businesses across the globe.

Delta believes that traditional lenders do not treat litigation or arbitration claims, judgments or awards as valuable assets, and that Delta’s experience providing equity-based litigation funding allows the firm to recognize the value behind these types of claims. Accordingly, Delta now seeks to provide a suite of credit-based financing options to individuals, businesses, law firms and other professional service firms, financial institutions, investment funds, and other parties with direct financial interests in the outcome of litigation, arbitration, or asset recovery.

Delta intends to offer several types of financing products through DCS, including:

  • recourse financing for claimants, respondents, businesses, law firms and other professional service firms;
  • non-recourse portfolio financing for larger portfolios of diverse pre- and/or post-settlement claims, judgments or awards;
  • non-recourse financing for the enforcement of court judgments and arbitration awards that have already been rendered, but which have not yet been collected or are otherwise time delayed;
  • non-recourse capital facilities for law firms and other professional service firms, as well as for insolvency practitioners; and
  • non-recourse financing in a senior priority credit tranche of an otherwise equity-based litigation finance investment.

Delta believes that such an array of litigation finance credit solutions will offer many benefits by providing capital on favorable terms which can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • funding new or ongoing litigation, arbitration, investigations, asset recoveries or enforcement projects;
  • expanding business operations;
  • financing operating expenses and/or capital expenditures;
  • risk management and diversification; and
  • distributions or dividends to partners, shareholders and/or employees.

By combining the credit underwriting process, capacity, and cost of capital of a traditional lender with the flexibility and due-diligence expertise of a litigation funder, Delta believes it will be able to deliver optimal, customized financing solutions.  Moreover, the bespoke nature of DCS’s products will enable law firms, other professional service firms, and businesses to gain liquidity by utilizing their claim portfolios and contingency cases as assets against which they can borrow.

Christopher DeLise, Delta’s Founder, CEO and CO-CIO, stated, “As the litigation and legal finance market continues to evolve, Delta has perceived an increased demand for credit-oriented financing arrangements for professional service firms, businesses, financial institutions and governmental entities to access cost-effective, credit-based capital for a variety of purposes, including funding, growing and de-risking their operations.  We are pleased to now be able to offer such solutions due to Delta’s expertise in sourcing and underwriting that will enable us to put significant capital to work in this exciting and burgeoning area of litigation and legal finance.  By launching DCS, Delta believes that it will be able to remain a funder of choice for sophisticated parties across the globe.”

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