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Delta Capital Partners Announces Liquidity Solutions

March 30, 2020, Chicago, IL —

Delta Capital Partners Management LLC (Delta), a private equity and advisory firm specializing in litigation and legal finance, today announced its ability to provide bespoke liquidity solutions to law firms, businesses, private investment funds, and individual claimants affected by recent macroeconomic developments, including those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the world economy has slowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, liquidity has become a major concern for all economic actors and many traditional sources of liquidity will be tapped out very shortly. As a result, many law firms, private investment funds, businesses and individual claimants will not have access to capital to fund their needs.  Delta can provide liquidity to such parties based on their litigation or arbitration claims, judgments, awards, alternative fee engagements (i.e., contingency or success based), outstanding accounts receivables or work-in-process, or a combination thereof.

Christopher DeLise, Delta’s Founder, CEO and Co-CIO stated, “In the face of horrible healthcare and economic challenges, we are still able to go forward and be helpful, we hope, in a troubled marketplace. As Delta’s core business is the pricing of litigation, enforcement and recovery risks, we are able to timely provide lending and liquidity solutions based on our assessment of such factors.”

Delta provides such solutions to meet the needs of law firms, private equity firms, businesses and individual claimants through a variety of arrangements, including litigation-collateralized loans, draw-down facilities, and term loans. Each of these arrangements can be customized to suit the particular needs of borrowers, are competitively priced, and can be backed by a variety of assets and/or enhancements. These flexible solutions ensure that Delta can effectively meet the needs of a broad range of professional service firms, businesses, and individual claimants and thereby improve their financial situations during these unprecedented times.

“While Delta has offered such bespoke credit-oriented solutions for many years, these products typically accounted for only a small percentage of its total business. However, we have already started to see that demand for such products is rapidly increasing and we anticipate that this demand will continue to significantly escalate as traditional sources of liquidity will dry up and/or the rates being offered by traditional lenders will materially increase. We are grateful to be able to play a constructive role in helping firms, especially troubled ones, keep their heads above water. Accordingly, we have allocated more resources and capital to meet this growing demand, and will continue to do so as we expect high demand now and for the foreseeable future as the aftereffects of the pandemic are felt around the world,” stated Mr. DeLise.

Learn more about Liquidity Solutions here or contact Delta Capital Partners here.

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