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Christopher Delise Featured in the ILFA Member Spotlight Newsletter

November 1, 2022, Chicago, IL –

Delta Capital Partners’ Christopher Delise was recently featured in the International Legal Finance Association (ILFA) Newsletter. Chris’s conversation was highlighted in the Member Spotlight.

To read the article in the ILFA Newsletter click here.

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Question 1: You left an equity partner position at an Am Law 50 firm to start a legal finance company. What inspired you to make this move?

CD: Two things inspired me to start Delta.

First, I achieved everything I had wanted to with respect to practicing law and I was looking to return to my passion, investments, when the right opportunity presented itself. After attending business school and before going to law school, I worked as a financial analyst for several years. Since majoring in finance as an undergraduate, my passion has always been finance and more specifically, investments. The decision to earn a law degree was driven by my belief that a background in finance and law would enable me to obtain a more challenging and interesting job in business or investments. However, when I graduated law school, like so many of my peers, I focused on getting a job with a large law firm that would offer great experience and relatively high pay. I originally intended to remain working at a large law firm for only a couple of years and then return to finance, but instead I remained in large law firm practice for about 15 years and rose through the ranks to make partner, equity partner, and practice group head. In so doing, I achieved more than what I had originally intended when I decided to go to law school and was looking for my next challenge and wanted that to be something involving finance or investments.

Second, the right opportunity presented itself. Specifically, in the Fall of 2011, I was contacted by several European institutional investors which appeared to have been defrauded by a U.S. hedge fund manager. They asked me if I would be willing to try and recover their money on a contingency fee basis. As my firm required hourly billing, that was not an option. A friend of mine told me about litigation finance being available in the U.K. so I spoke with some firms and eventually was able to secure funding to pursue the cases. It also dawned on me that this was the ideal opportunity for me to leave law firm practice and return to my passion, investments, so I made the decision to start Delta’s predecessor. Eleven years later, I know I made the right decision and I am as excited and passionate about litigation finance as when I started – maybe even more so given recent developments in the industry…

To continue reading the conversation click here.

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