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Non-Performing Loans (“NPLs”)

Delta provides funding and related services to lenders, central banks, governmental agencies, and other holders of NPLs to (a) fund recovery and/or restructuring efforts inside or outside of their home jurisdictions; and/or (b) pursue litigation or arbitration to recover loan proceeds and/or collateral or otherwise pursue claims against borrowers and/or guarantors.

In connection with the foregoing, Delta can leverage its deep relationships with top-tier law firms, professional investigators, and workout specialists to assist in the recovery of such assets and restructuring of such NPLs.

These services are available to lenders and other holders of NPLs that cannot (or do not desire to) fund such services themselves and/or oversee such recovery and restructuring efforts.  Delta has the ability to not only provide funding and/or related services to lenders and holders of NPLs, but also can purchase individual or portfolios of NPLs for its own portfolio.

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