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Litigation & International Arbitration

Delta provides funding to claimants, law firms, and other professional service firms to enable investigation, analysis and pursuit of all manner of commercial claims, whether adjudicated through courts, arbitration panels, or other adjudicatory bodies.  Delta has deep experience funding litigation and arbitration all over the world, including in North America, South America, Europe, the Middles East, Africa and Asia, as well as via international arbitration.

When permitted by applicable law, and desired by claimants, Delta can also manage aspects of a claimant’s litigation or arbitration for no additional cost.  Such value-added funding is oftentimes sought by claimants whom desire not only a financial partner but a partner with expertise and resources to alleviate their burden of managing complex and/or time-intensive litigation and arbitration.  Delta’s funding enables claimants to pursue meritorious claims that they may otherwise be unable or unwilling to pursue if they had to self-fund.

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