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Asset Recovery

Delta provides funding and related services to recover assets, relics, and artifacts that have been stolen or misappropriated, or which have gone missing. Clients include municipal agencies, sovereign governments, financial institutions, investment funds, corporations, and high net worth families. A project oftentimes involves many separate recoveries and/or litigation matters and require a team of attorneys, investigators, appraisers/valuation experts, and forensic specialists.

Delta frequently partners with recognized leaders in their respective fields of expertise to deliver bespoke funding and recovery solutions to clients across the globe, with Delta serving as the overall project manager. In return for providing such solutions, Delta receives a percentage of the proceeds derived from successful recoveries, with the specific percentage agreed upon in advance.

Asset recovery services are beneficial to claimants as they allow a claimant to: (i) have access to top-tier service providers without incurring any upfront costs; and (ii) monetize assets or artifacts that a typical claimant is not able to monetize on its own.

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