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Ian Casewell Delta Capital

Ian Casewell

Partner and Practice Head of Disputes, Mintz Group

Mr. Casewell is the London Office Managing Partner of the Mintz Group.  Mr. Casewell specializes in providing investigative support to large-scale disputes and fraud matters.  Mr. Casewell heads the firm’s international asset tracing unit that specializes in tracing assets around the world and has been helping creditors enforce judgments in hundreds of cases over the past 20 years.  Working for individuals, companies and governments, Mr. Casewell’s cases are invariably multi-layered, frequently cross-border, and often in offshore jurisdictions.  Mr. Casewell and his team have particular expertise in areas they have found crucial to asset tracking and recovery, including: Banking, Offshore Structures, Shipping, Real Estate, Private Aircraft, and Internet Forensics.

Mr. Casewell has worked in corporate investigations for more than 15 years.  Mr. Casewell previously worked at Europol, where he ran international investigations into organized crime.  In addition to Mr. Casewell’s operational work, he was lead analyst for all computer crime-related activities within the European Union relating to Europol.  In this role, Mr. Casewell was responsible for the establishment of an EU-wide strategic intelligence group comprised of members of the EU’s computer crime units, producing the first EU-wide strategic assessment on computer-related crime within the Union.  It was published and disseminated to all Member States.

Mr. Casewell also has experience working at the U.K. Government’s Asset Recovery Agency and West Mercia Constabulary, where he was engaged in crime pattern analysis and the support of criminal investigations.

Mr. Casewell was recognized as a leading practitioner in Who’s Who Legal Asset Recovery in every year from 2016 to 2022.

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