Our Services

Delta Capital Partners is a complete solutions provider that is actively sought out and preferred by claimants and their attorneys and other professional advisors.

Passively Managed Legal Claims

Pursue resolution of legal claims through the provision of financing

Actively Managed Legal Claims

Pursue resolution of legal claims through litigation through financing and value-added services

Enforce Judgments

Enforcement of judgments or awards already obtained

Asset Recovery

Recovery of assets that have been stolen, embezzled, or misappropriated

Equity Facility & Loans

Provide equity facilities and loans to law firms and professional services firms

Lend Against Judgments

Purchase and lend against judgments, awards, and claims

Our Services

Delta’s global team of professionals provide a unique style of value-added, non-recourse financing that includes significant benefits to claimants including customized solutions that maximize claimant recoveries in minimum time, deep relationships with top-tier professional service firms, and assistance in the management of cases when permitted by applicable laws.

Value-Added Litigation Finance

As a complete solutions provider, Delta’s unique style of value-added litigation, judgment enforcement and asset recovery funding provides significant benefits to claimants, including:

In-Depth Analysis

Delta performs in-depth analysis of the legal merits as well as all other significant, non-legal aspects of each claim to help determine the best legal strategy and route to prompt, favorable resolution for the claimant.

Beneficial Relationships

Delta maintains deep relationships with top-tier lawyers around the world, preeminent investigators, and forensic accountants and the ability to most effectively structure and negotiate favorable terms for claimants.

Reduce Risks to Reputation

Delta is able to minimize claimant reputational exposure and risk by maximizing claimant privacy in order to preserve their anonymity to prevent disrupting their existing business relationships.

Claim Management Assistance

When requested by claimants and as permitted by applicable law, Delta is able to assist in the management of claims, enforcement, and related legal proceedings, as well as facilitating or assisting in negotiating settlements with defendants.

Profit from the Difference