About Us

Since its inception in 2011, Delta has committed millions of investment capital across a number of investment opportunities resulting in successful recoveries for claimants as well as Delta and its investors.

Unlike most funders, Delta has taken an expanded view of litigation funding as it provides value-added, non-recourse financing to claimants that require funding. Claimants may want to pursue resolution of their commercial legal claims through litigation or arbitration, with such cases being either passively managed (i.e., investments that only require Delta to invest capital without providing additional services), or actively managed (i.e., investments that require or desire Delta’s involvement or active management throughout the lifecycle of the deal); to enforce judgments or awards already obtained; and/or to recover assets that have been stolen, embezzled, misappropriated or lost.

In exchange therefor, Delta receives either (i) an agreed-upon multiple of its return on investment capital or a percentage of the proceeds derived from any judgment, award, settlement or enforcement recovery received by a claimant; or (ii) a percentage of the fair market value of any recovered asset.

Unlike some of its competitors, Delta remains privately-held and funded by private equity capital (not debt) so as to focus on profitability, operational excellence and market leadership and therefore, Delta will not be compelled to narrowly focus on quarterly returns; required to disclose valuable aspects of its business model and investment strategies to the public; prevented from funding attractive opportunities that may be adverse to certain public and non-profit institutional investors, sovereign governments or special interests; or burdened by having to service growing amounts of debt.

Delta’s current principals and employees are located in Chicago, New York and the Cayman Islands, and Delta plans to open offices in London, Dubai and Hong Kong. Delta has already sourced top-tier professionals for these future offices, and all of these individuals have had distinguished careers in law, finance, investments, asset management, and/or investigations, and most of them have worked closely together since the founding of Delta in 2011.

About Us

Delta works with a wide variety of claimants and claims, but is especially experienced working with investment managers, investors, asset managers, insolvency professionals and fiduciaries that are pursuing claims involving the asset management, investment, finance or financial service sectors. Delta invests only in litigation between institutions, typically contract disputes. The firm does not fund consumer class-action lawsuits or personal injury cases.

Delta typically only invests in commercial claims because such claims are often the most predictable and involve the most sophisticated parties who are familiar with raising capital, structuring deals and joint-venture agreements. Our cases are won on the merits and not on the size of the war chest behind the claim. Delta selects only the most meritorious cases.

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